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Industry 4.0 and integration

Industry 4.0 is a fashionable word, a colloquial term for changes that occur in industrial production under the influence of information technology.

Let’s start, however, with a story in which industry has changed fundamentally three times due to groundbreaking discoveries:

Source: http://przemysl-40.pl/

Industry 4.0 is primarily system integration and networking.

Industry 4.0 integrates people and digitally controlled machines with the Internet and information technologies. Materials produced or used for production can always be identified, they also have the ability to communicate independently with each other.

The flow of information is implemented vertically: from individual components to the company’s IT department and from the IT department to components.

The second direction of information flow is implemented horizontally: between machines in the production process and the company’s production systems.

Thanks to networking and data exchange, enterprises can produce more economically and react faster to individual customer needs. Time spent on adapting machines to new requirements is reduced to a minimum, while there is an increase in flexibility.

Advanced integration is a basic feature of new and innovative production systems. Also, the data generated by these systems become more accessible and therefore useful. Therefore, Industry 4.0 allows you to create new business models. The challenge is to recognize these new models and implement them as soon as possible, and focus on taking advantage of the economic benefits they offer.

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