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Software security – hardware

Data encryption systems using microcomputer technology with one chip is one of the best methods to protect software against unauthorized use.

There are many ways to protect your software, e.g .:

– encrypting part of files or nephralgic files

– access levels with a password e.g. operator, administrator, super user

– time licenses – the software expires after some time to prevent further use

– licenses for a unique processor number – running only on the selected computer

As integrators, we are well aware that your tailor-made software must be secure. Therefore, we know different methods and one of the used is the use of a dongle.

The DESkey software protection range is currently the safest available.

Integration can be achieved by connecting directly to the DESkey API from within the software.

The DK2 DESkey combines the latest encryption algorithms with secure microcomputer technology and internally designed ASICs to secure your software. Features like Down Counter and the ability to remotely update allow DK2 to license the software exactly as you want, with the option of licensing software or modules over time and securely updating them on the client side.

DK2 can also be used in conjunction with DESnet to license software over a network.

DK2 is available in a number of formats, including USB, ExpressCard and PC Card, which are completely interchangeable using popular drivers.

The most important features:

– built-in pseudo-random number generator

– embedded encryption mechanism

– a unique 6 byte password

– built-in persistent memory

– built-in use counter (counter down)

– anti-emulation algorithm

The sent command and returned data have a different form each time they are used, even if the same command is used repeatedly, thus preventing functional emulation by the device driver or in any other way.

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