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Our offer begins with an outline and leading the project. We are able to successfully run long-term projects that require high commitment and knowledge in several areas. We choose hardware and software, we know various solutions on the automation market. Working in many manufacturing industries has allowed us to acquire proper insight, our solutions horizon is wide. We know the devices from their construction, as we also designer of PCBs ourselves. Our team includes programmers, automation engineers and project managers. This combination makes us able to do a lot. Here are the most important skills:

  • Integration of devices into one system, automation
  • Building system visualizations (using ready to use market tools – Tia Portal and own – webserver) for both a multi-monitor station and HMI touch panels
  • Implementation of algorithms including those using: fuzzy logic, machine learning, neural networks and customer own ideas
  • Creation and selection of converters of digital protocols, in both hardware and software solutions
  • Launching database systems, including those related to “BIG DATA”
  • CMS systems
  • Construction of libraries for unusual digital communications
  • Reverse engineering – creating a new version of the software and documentation for existing machines
  • Support for servers with Linux (Centos, Ubuntu, Debian), Windows Server, ESXi
  • Knowledge of JavaScript, MySQL, Python, PHP, C ++, C #, Java, gCode, Melfa Basic IV, Matlab, Simulink, Labview, Android
  • Programming of PLC controllers (LD, FBD, IL)
  • Construction and modification of visualizations on HMI, PC, RT
  • Model design and 3D animation, graphics creation and processing
  • AWS, Docker, Jenkins, Gitlab CI support
  • PCB design, validation, selection of electronic components for BOM
  • Training for crew and operators in the use of implemented devices

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