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About company

We are a young company with real and extensive professional experience. Our wide competence and the multitude of professionally implemented applications allow us to achieve your goals. We were established as a spin-off of ERAmatic. The development of the parent company forced separation under the terms of segregation of duties and specialized, while maintaining a strong partnership. We have three main areas of interest: software development, project management and integration. We operate mainly in the field of automation, software and superior systems, but we are also open to new proposals. These three areas define us clearly on the market.

As integrator, we understand and provide equipment. We have a permanent contract with ERAmatic known for unconventional automation solutions, making control cabinets and industrial installations.

We provide the following services:


Our team knows a number of software languages, our favorites are: .NET, C #, PHP, LabView and cotrol programming languages (FBD, LAD). Frontend is not a problem - we will make a model and visualization. We use version control systems and provide technical support. Software is our passion and the methods which we use in the daily implementation of tasks accelerate it highly.


We pay special attention to project methodology. Aware on the impact of management on end customer satisfaction, we use agile project management methodology (AgilePM), while we constantly maintain contact and exchange with your opinions. As a result, the final product is exactly what you wanted!


Our motto is "Integrate better".
In our opinion, a good understanding of the operation of various devices from the ground up to the operation of supervisory systems allows us to take the challenge of integration to do it best.
We know digital protocols used in industry as well as database and big-data systems.


We ensure the security of IT and OT systems of enterprises. We test, check, train and design systems architecture. We will help in the implementation adapted to your company.

Cloud-based solutions

We provide services in the field of implementing cloud computing and reselling AWS services. We have the appropriate knowledge, know-how and implementation in AWS, ensuring the high quality of our services. We will help you take your solutions to the next level.

Electronics design

We design electronic circuits, which includes the development of the system concept, the creation of electronic diagrams and the design of printed circuits (PCB), support for the production of prototypes, their tests and operation verification.

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