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In ELPESOFT our motto: "Integrate better" have strong fundamentals.

Automation devices (machines, industrial robots, process controllers) are standard equipment of modern production lines. Their number is increased every month. This is due to three facts:
– greater availability of advanced automation devices,
– a drop in the price of electronics and modular equipment,
– increasing costs of human labor and its subsistence.
From the life perspective of the production process, it is important that the devices are not independent instances and are connected.
From integration to innovation – connected systems allow for surprising results. These connections are the cornerstones of the integration process.
So what is this integration?

Systems integration – the process of combining systems / devices so that they can use each other’s resources, such as files, data, states. It also establishes the relationship between devices and their coordinated control (control).

As systems become more complex and embrace new areas of life, system integration is becoming increasingly important.

When integrating automation systems, we want to:

  • Adapt the software to your company’s development and growing needs,
  • Understand and improve your production and business processes,
  • Use your resources and system functionalities,
  • Automate repetitive activities,
  • Maintain a stable and secure connection between systems,
  • In the future, seamlessly integrate more devices into the integrated network.

The main benefits of integration:

  • Lower operational costs
  • Ongoing optimization of production processes and, as a result, business processes
  • Regular exchange of information from all sources
  • Effective communication between employees of all departments
  • Increased productivity and improved cooperation with suppliers
  • The ability to make quick decisions thanks to improved analytics

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