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Logic analyzer – basics of electronics

The logical analyzer is a tool enabling the registration and display of waveforms recorded on communication lines of digital systems. They have the ability to decode popular communication protocols, such as SPI, I2C, UART, etc., so that the user in addition to the waveforms also sees the data that is transmitted.

Our choice is the Saleae solution – Logic version 8. There are more advanced 16 input modules in the Saleae offer, and faster ones in the PRO version.

Saleae Logic 8 is an 8-channel logic analyzer with the possibility of recording analog signals (each of the inputs can work as an analog or digital input). The analyzer allows you to record digital signals at up to 100 MS / s, which allows you to analyze signals up to 25 MHz. The logical level of the tested signals should be in the range of 1.8..5.5 V, you can also connect the analyzer directly to the RS-232 and RS-442/3 interface lines. Analog signals are recorded at up to 10 MS / s and with a resolution of 10 bits.


Case included

We keep the whole set in a case that holds all the elements needed for work: connectors called grippers, cables, USB cable and the device itself.

Input protection

Despite the fact that the inputs are not isolated with each other, they can also withstand max. 30VDC which means that most connections become safe for the analyzer. It’s just harder to damage it by a bad connection.


  • Eight universal inputs that can work as digital, analog or both
  • Digital signal sampling: 100 MS / s
  • Sampling of analog signals: 10 MS / s
  • Maximum digital signal frequency: 3 MHz
  • The range of logical levels of digital signals: 1.8..5.5 V
  • Voltage range for analog signals: 0..5 V
  • Analog signals band: 1 MHz
  • Sampling resolution of analog signals: 10 bits
  • USB 2.0
  • Dimensions: 53 x 53 x 12 mm

To sum up: we use this analyzer in everyday work and we highly recommend it. Cheaper versions are also available, but they do not offer such sampling rates and do not have protections above 5VDC. The LOGIC! Software is also a very good solution, which allows visualization of saved samples as well as their analysis.

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